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Service providers and carriers provide almost all of the communication engineering in the market; they also strongly promote the adoption of their respective products and services, which are typically designed for their ease of implementation and profitability.

shutterstock_81566080 500x500Partial and Misguided Solutions

The problem presented by a biased model is often the communication needs of a business exceed the product set offered by a single carrier or service provider, or worse – the solution provided might not even be a good fit for the client at all.





Square Pegs for Round Holesshutterstock_139121111 500x282

Square pegs are commonly put into round holes.

shutterstock_73802263 500x500Rip and Replace Methodology

“Rip and replace” is the easiest and most common methodology employed to fix poorly designed business communication solutions; however, this “fix” will never prepare an enterprise network for the next generation of technology.




shutterstock_91798895 500x500Breaking the Bank

It’s not practical to always offer the most expensive solution designed utilizing the newest technology…


Hindered Growthshutterstock_158018027 500x375

Most companies get sold partial solutions, which soon become cumbersome and a hindrance to growth.  We heard time and time again these words from business owners – “I’m sick of getting sold… I want a solution”.

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