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These days, cloud computing is all the RAGE. Bandwidth is cheap. Broadband ubiquity has sent most carriers looking for higher margins in selling hosted PBX and servers.



Efficiency drives cloud solutions. Efficiency gained via centralization of physical compute resources in a hardened data facility that can be oversubscribed.

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Clients’ needs regarding cloud strategy are different. Some clients need MPLS to provide a QoS-based methodology to prioritize business critical applications. Other clients perform fine on a best-effort Internet connection. Our unique delivery ensures we find the right solution for our clients.

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It’s About The Network

Networks are the essential foundation for building sound cloud strategies. iTransit architects the network underpinnings required to power cloud-enabled business communication strategies.

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Need for Engineering Redesign

We analyzed hundreds of mid-market to enterprise level networks in the past few years, and most of the pre-existing networks needed some kind of engineering redesign.


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Identifying Cloud-Ready Applications

When considering implementing a hybrid cloud model, let iTransit help to identify cloud-ready business applications that would benefit in this type of design.

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iTransit designs solutions that ensure business critical applications are available, prioritized, hardened, and secure.


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Our Outcomes

Our outcomes focus on making sure that critical applications that drive the client’s business are the highest priority.