Mike Hudlow – C.E.O./Principal Engineer


Michael Hudlow is a founder of iTransit Soltuions. After graduating from the University of Georgia in 1993 with a degree in English Literature, Hudlow entered the telecommunications industry as a technical writer working with Hitachi Telecom. His first assignment  was to produce an Operations and Maintenance Manual for the Hitachi AMS5001 Access Module (ATM Switch), where he learned the importance of producing quality documentation with regard to engineering design.

In 1995, Michael was offered a role at BellSouth.net (ILEC), first as a technical writer for the Advanced Engineering group where he learned VoIP, and then was promoted to the role of Facility Specialist, where he installed telecommunication equipment in Central Offices.

After a four year stint with BellSouth, Michael accepted a position with BroadRiver Communications (CLEC) as an Equipment Engineer. Michael installed the first MGCP-based call agent (IPCell) in Atlanta at a Telco hotel located at 56 Marietta Street.

In 2001, Hudlow accepted a position at Cbeyond Communications (CLEC) that led to his role of Senior Manager of Activation Engineering. During his tenure at Cbeyond, Michael managed the integration of over 30,000 small and enterprise business voice and data solutions onto the Cbeyond WAN core infrastructure.

The experience offered by his role at Cbeyond prepared Hudlow for a Director of Sales Engineering position at Endeavor Telecom (a leading national Field Services company) where he was responsible for helping to grow the company revenue to support an extremely diverse product and client base.

In 2011, Hudlow returned to Cbeyond as a Sr. Network Sales Engineer, serving as a subject matter expert for MPLS – then a new product for Cbeyond. Hudlow was awarded the 2012 Outstanding Achievement Award for providing design services for over 1 million in annual MPLS sales revenue while supporting the entire Cbeyond channel sales division. Hudlow specialized in enterprise-level private cloud solutions.

Hudlow’s 20 years of practical engineering experience has prepared him to survey and recommend enterprise level solutions using engineering best practices he has learned over the breadth of his career.

Cary Parris – C.T.O./Principal Engineer

caryCary Parris is a co-founder of iTransit Solutions.  Cary has 15 years of telecommunications, networking, cloud, and WAN technology experience working for multiple telecom companies (Tri-comp Inc., Intelispan, MCloudUSA, Cbeyond).

In 1998, Cary began his professional career at Tri-comp Inc. supporting the establishment of dial-up customers utilizing Lucent RAS chassis.  This was excellent experience in that he learned much about providing services to both residential and business customers during the early expansion of the Internet.  Though on a much smaller scale, these experiences with internet peering relationships and PSTN contracts from GTE to Tri-comp Inc. would provide a strong foundation for Cary regarding WAN technologies.

Cary relocated to Atlanta in 2000 to work with Intelispan focusing on Virtual Private Networks, Managed Network Services, and Professional Services.  He was responsible for implementation and support of customers using new Cisco Concentrators and Cosine VPN Gateways to establish secured connections via L2TP and IPSEC over BYOB ISP connections to customer data centers.

These open internet connections to private servers in data centers were coupled with RAS chassis, private Frame Relay, and ATM networks to design enterprise WANs.  While at Intelispan, Cary trained two support centers to support the WAN product set which would later be renamed “Cloud”.  Partnering with CA technologies, Unicenter was used for monitoring customer equipment for rapid endpoint repair.  Working at this dotcom provided Cary with essential understanding of how WAN technologies spanning the internet could be utilized and the challenges associated with using BYOBW best effort technologies and how they differed from trusted networks (i.e., Frame-Relay, ATM, MPLS, etc.).

In 2002, Cary joined Cbeyond working on SMB telecommunication packages (VoIP and Broadband).  During his first six years at Cbeyond, Cary designed and integrated early adopters for all of Cbeyond’s advancing product sets.  As an engineer, Cary installed the first bonded T1, digital interface, on-net trusted VPNs, and SIPconnect customers to be deployed on the Cbeyond network.

The later part of Cary’s career was focused in Sales Engineering, providing assistance in product development and sales. His most rewarding projects in Sales Engineering included assisting in the development of the Cbeyond Smart Start program, MPLS product line, Channel Sales Engineering team, MPLS Network Engineering team, and Design Engineering team.  Cary earned three Jim Markle Operational Excellence awards, eight Cbeyond Eye (individual achievement) awards, Sales Engineer of the Year 2008, six consecutive pinnacle national sales leader awards, and was the top revenue producing sales engineer four years in a row.

In 2014, driven by market need for pre-sales engineering excellence, Cary set out with co-founder Mike Hudlow to bring his experience to the partner community. By augmenting the skill set of VARS and vendors, Cary enables iTransit partners to take their business to the next level by correctly leveraging next generation networking and data solutions.