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Unbiased Engineering Expertise

iTransit does not promote or resell any specific product or service brand, and we don’t look outside iTransit for engineering assistance. We provide engineering expertise and this is what separates us from the rest of our competition.

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Engineering Consultation

iTransit is the company that sales organizations, IT professionals, and business owners look to for professional telecommunications engineering consultation.


Consultative Processshutterstock_93621265 500x375

The iTransit design methodology is simple – we analyze the current solution, ask questions to determine the client’s needs, and offer solutions based upon the particular requirements of the business.


Re-Purpose of Toolsshutterstock_107032022 500x375

There are many scenarios where a client’s current equipment and solution can be re-purposed into a new design that still takes the client’s existing issues and future strategies into consideration.

shutterstock_77411053 500x365Balance

Total Cost of Ownership, ROI, and cost transparency are all aspects of solutions that iTransit weighs along with functionality.  iTransit balances economic, business continuity, as well as redundancy requirements to produce unique solutions for our clients.

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Technology Plan

This holistic, consultative approach produces a document known as a Technology Plan that is unique to the client’s needs.