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Who We Are

Founded in 2014, iTransit Solutions, LLC delivers world-class business outcomes for our clients in the field of business communication engineering. Engineer-owners Michael Hudlow and Cary Parris bring a combined 35+ years of telecommunications engineering experience, having designed and integrated over 30,000 SMB, mid-market, and enterprise-level networks onto carrier WAN environments.

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What We Do

We play a unique role in the industry—an independent advisor who can freely offer multiple solutions without bias towards pre-existing procurement arrangements. As a result, we can advise companies large or small. We design business communication solutions for Fortune 100 companies, mid-market regional retailers, and independent small businesses alike.

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Why We Started The Company

The engineer-owners at iTransit encountered enterprise-level networks that loosely resembled a pile of coat hangers – ones with no design at all. Clients were commonly sold carrier “promotions of the month” instead of solutions, and had them stitched together like Frankenstein. Over time, we recognized this type of scenario was not the exception – this was the norm. We started the company to bring engineering excellence to a telecommunications market in need.

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Where We Are Located

iTransit designs solutions for companies on a global scale from its Atlanta headquarters.

shutterstock_161367095 500x405Company Culture – Hard Work, Perseverance, and Integrity

Hard work is a given. Providing best of breed solutions requires a team that moves at the speed of business. Perseverance is vital when encountering engineering challenges. As a professional engineering organization, maintaining the highest level of integrity is most important in establishing trust and growing business.